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SEATTLE: (206) 300-0486    TACOMA: (253) 312-2927    EVERETT: (425) 344-3056


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Assurance helps avoid costly Insurance Claims
How secure is your beloved watercraft on its mooring? When was the last time you checked your thru-hull fittings? Have you replaced your worn out mooring lines lately? Have you tested your bilge pumps for proper operation recently? Are you certain that whatever precautions you've taken - your vessel will be protected from a forecasted winter storm or perhaps a marina fire caused by old, worn-out wiring? Is that chart you're using an updated version assuring you that you won't run aground when making passage to your favorite weekend get-away? Do you have an updated Tide Book for your favorite cruising ground?

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These are just some of the questions and concerns every mariner should consider when protecting his/her investment. Most major Insurance Companies carry some kind of boat owners insurance but standard policy riders rarely cover Salvage costs adequately. It is important that you secure the right kind of Boat Insurance that meets your needs and covers you adequately for the inevitable, "what - ifs." Experience has taught us that if it can happen - it will happen - it’s just a matter of time


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Boats that can be salvaged will cost between $150.00 to $500.00 per foot to refloat depending on special equipment needs, health & safety hazards/risks, manpower and time involved. It is imperative that a boat owner has adequate insurance coverage to protect his/her investment and cover any salvage/repair costs that may be accrued in the event of an unforeseen accident.


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Point Defiance Marine Services has the equipment and trained personnel you'll need to salvage your vessel before it becomes a complete loss.Three of our Captains are trained and certified divers and each team is fully equipped with on board pumps, dive gear, patch and repair equipment and emergency oil spill kits. Each of our Captains are also trained and certified HAZMAT technicians in the event that hazardous chemicals or materials may be involved and spill clean-up is required.

You can't ask for better service from a team of qualified professionals that are devoted to saving lives and property. Salvage operations are part of our business and these photos displayed are just some of the more recent salvage operations we were dispatched to by the owners of these vessels. Not all of the vessels depicted here were covered by marine insurance.

To avoid a costly invoice for potential salvage services you may require in the future - Call BoatUS today for a marine insurance quote at (800) 283-2883. If you are in the Puget Sound area near Seattle - Everett - Tacoma - Olympia and you wish to contract with us to salvage your vessel, please call the contacts at the top of this page.


Our team of highly trained professionals are standing ready to serve you 24/7.

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